Unusual Beginnings - ToTEM

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Tower of Tallying Every Mistake

Difficulty: Bottom Remorseless [7.05]

Area: Lost River; Ring 5 Subrealm

Review can be read below.

First blog post like first blog post. Have no idea what I'm doing, yet I'm still doing. Anywho, my first Remorseless was a bit... confusing, to say the least. Not to talk like I'm some priviliged adult or something, far from, but most people would typically go for something easier like ToTS. Alas, here we are. An outlier.

ToTEM has a strange history with me. Back in 2022 I thought for this to be my first rem, and it was really looking up to it! Hell, I even got through the tenth floor!... But then I got stuck on a killbrick at the last segment and died. I was in very obvious disarray. This, in fact, was one of the main factors that got me so demotivated with JToH. Dying on the last segment would make anyone not want to go on! Though, even after that fail and my demotivation from ever playing JToH again, I'm here. Writing.

As for the tower itself, it's alright. It's a decent tower, even for standards of getting scraped off the bottom of the JToH Whitelist, and it's got it's moments. One of the main problems with this tower, however, is one thing;

It drags.

From floor 4, you're introduced to THE HOLE(trademark), and while at first you expect this to be a mechanic that you jump into like, twice, around floor 7 you randomly go back down to it... and then back to floor 6... and all of a sudden you're jumping inbetween floors like it's a game of Pong. It's a major letdown; the run that I won the tower on was 30 minutes, which, like, batshit INSANE?? I'D SAY??

Aside from the length it works as a tower. It's a decent rem with enough to be left on the table. It's got it's stressful moments but it also has it's moments of relief. Definitely worth as my first actual Remorseless.

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